[Recipe] Get the current iOS Simulator App’s location on disk

I’m currently doing SwiftUI tutorials, and found this useful command for Terminal. When your app is running in a simulator (make sure you only have 1 simulator window open!) and you want to get close to its Documents folder on disk, put this in a terminal:

xcrun simctl get_app_container booted <my_bundle_identifier_without_brackets>

And this will take you to the folder containing the AppName.app file. From there you’ll want to go up a few folders back to Container level, and then go into the Data folder, and ultimately find your app’s identifying folder. (Hint: Look at the Date Modified field… it will likely indicate which folder corresponds to your app)

I enjoyed this post because I used to accomplish this goal but not as elegantly (and quickly, I suppose) has here. I wrote it here to be able to refer to it again someday.