Listed below are the most significant projects I’ve worked on at various points over the last many years.  This is not a complete list at all, but highlighting some of the ‘better’ or more interesting projects I’ve worked on in a Lead / Experienced Developer role.  I’ve worked on over 10 apps that have been submitted to the app store, and countless prototypes.  I have experience making Apps from start to finish (submission). (click on titles to be taken to their iTunes page)

Necessity is the mother of invention. I wrote this app in 2 days as I was getting tired of carrying around a bunch of loose papers full of song texts when I play guitar. So I made an app that makes it easy to manage your song texts from your PC then syncs to the iPad with one button press via Dropbox. The innovative part is the way it handles changing pages. My first foray into iOS7 and learning lessons about migrating from iOS6. Also In-App Purchases.

Giving is Good Karma.  Toast is a Berlin-based startup aiming to bring the gift-giving experience (and more importantly, thanking) into the digital space.  I was the Lead Developer on the project until the team ran out of funds and am proud of the fact that almost every visual component is custom-made, and often from scratch.

So viel BILD gab’s noch nie! Mit der neuen „BILD fürs iPad“ haben Sie die ganze Welt von BILD.de auf Ihrem iPad oder iPad mini – immer und überall! Spannende Liveberichte, exklusive Reportagen, Interviews und Fotos – Sie sind hautnah dabei und stets aktuell informiert!

I worked as a contractor to work on a team of 7 iOS Developers to make the Bild.de App to customer specifications. It was a 4 month project and was a great experience as it was one of the first times in my career that I got to work with a team of developers. I very much enjoyed this project, which also had excellent project management in place.

At my previous app agency job, we were commissioned to build the iPad App for P.M. Magazine, one of Germany’s most prominent popular science publications.  For this project I led the kick-off meeting / brainstorming session with the client to establish what exactly their ideas were for the app, and help steering those ideas into practical designs.  I again was the architect of the iPad app, implemented a large portion of the app, and led/mentored a small team of programmers. I worked on this project up until a pre-Alpha milestone.

A suite of Apps for various cities in Germany, I worked on the codebase for the assistant app for Mercedes-Benz owners.  From the App users can book service appointments, participate in promotional events, book test drives, make emergency service calls, amongst others.  I was one of many developers who worked on the code at one point or another.

This was a project where I was the sole developer, working with the client directly from the conceptualization phase, straight through to the AppStore submission.  It was a good indicator that I would be a good freelancer.  Working with clients to understand their needs, and offer advice, consultation, and design ideas where appropriate.  They were also a wonderful client in that they put trust in us as experts in our field. I designed the UX, the software architecture, and implemented the entire iOS part of the app myself.

My first ever completely self-made and self-designed game.  In fact, it was the first piece of software I had ever written (alone) for the iPhone.  BocceBeers is the official game of buddybeers.com.  Basically it’s the game Bocce Ball (Boule, Petanque) but adapted for a touch screen device with a bar theme.  Developed with the cocos2D framework.

The very first iPhone App I ever worked on.  It was a 6 Student term project and I found myself gravitating towards a designer/developer role, taking charge in meetings, coming up with UX designs, and doing my part of the coding. More Info at the Pixolution Website

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