Storyboard Segues that don’t animate

It’s a bit of a hack as one can’t seem to set this easily in code, but perhaps you have a view controller hierarchy in your Storyboard where you want to guarantee a specific state on app launch, but your entry point is in some base-level container view controller (think HSApplicationViewController).

It would be silly on viewDidLoad to then trigger a bunch of segues, especially if these animate.  The App would start and the first thing you’d see would be transitions through a view controller hierarchy.

My solution for this started via this article on stackoverflow, and is basically just repackaged here.

I tend to keep a naming convention for segue identifiers.  They usually begin with “segue…” for forward segues, and “unwind….” for unwind segues.

Have a look at this: non-animated_segue

The idea is that you duplicate any segue, uncheck the animates box in the inspector pane and add a suffix to it, such as “…NoAnimation”.  So now you would have “segueSomeThing” and “segueSomeThingNoAnimation”, then when you implement your “prepareForSegue:” method, you have the same handler code for both:

- (void)prepareForSegue:(UIStoryboardSegue *)segue sender:(id)sender {
  if ([segue.identifier hasPrefix:@"segueSomeThing"])
    // the key is "hasPrefix". You can even use a string constant for your animated variant
    // same destinationViewController, same setup. Just not animated.

And that’s it.  It does have a bit more management overhead as you have to keep track of hard-coded strings in your Storyboard in 2 places, but perhaps it’s worth it.

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