Incredibly Useful Way to Print Your Core Data Model

So, I love a good bit of old fashioned Pen and Paper to get my thoughts out.  Maybe it’s that I enjoy just using a pen, the flow of the ink on the page.  (I’m, accordingly, a total pen snob).

Sometimes when I want to analyze a data model, I’d love to have it on paper, just so I can scribble, cross things out, etc, etc.

Until now, I found it difficult to have to deal with the CoreData model editor in Xcode because I couldn’t easily print it out, then I found this gem on

Which can be copy-pasted here:

I defined a 1m by 1m paper size, used it to create a PDF, cropped and then printed it:

  • Go to “File”->”Page Setup…”
  • Go to “Paper Size”->”Manage Custom Sizes…”
  • Define a new paper size with 1000×1000 mm and no borders
  • Go to “File”->”Print…”
  • Choose “PDF”->”Open PDF in Preview”
  • Go to “Tools”->”Rectangular Selection”, select the area to crop
  • Do “Tools”->”Crop”
  • Go to “File”->”Print…”, print

Sounds complicated, but works. Instead of cropping, you could use the scale factor in the Preview print dialog.

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