Xcode Wishlist – Post-it notes on IB and Core Data Editor

I’m fine with the Apple Ecosystem. I like the tools. You get your Pedants and your know-it-alls, the AppCode users, the “only do it in code” people. I am not one of them.

I am however a pragmatic person. Apple would ask us to use the tools more. I wouldn’t want to set up auto-layout in code for example. That would be a real pain.

I comment my code because I believe that more info is better than less. I comment my code because I know not everyone thinks like me, so I help them to understand what I was thinking, or even remind myself what I was thinking when I wrote what I wrote.

So all I’m asking is that Apple take what used to be the “Stickies” app of OSX, and repurpose it for Interface Builder and the Core Data editor. I’d like to leave little notes behind for the next guy. Or my future self.

Sometimes people have a working knowledge of a technology. Something like this is useful. “Dear next guy, I did it like this because I didn’t know how to do X-Y, so I thought if I did it like this, job done. Feel free to refactor.”


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