NSFetchedProperty in Core Data… WTF

Every so often, I look at NSFetchedProperty and think “Wow, this looks like a great feature”, and attempt to try it out.

Every time it’s a hassle. I look to Apple documentation for help. All you find on the topic is about one paragraph. It just seems like an incomplete feature that is unwieldy.

Even if I got it to work, who else will understand it?

How can you set up a NSFetchedResultsController to just monitor a fetched property? Short answer, you can’t. I mean, I’m sure you can, seeing as you can theoretically do anything with code, but quickly? easily? intuitively? I would have to say no.

So, all I’m saying is I’m going to continue to pretend like fetched properties don’t exist, and I’ll implement their equivalent by hand each time, using Magical Record and a custom getter.


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