Mogenerator just got that much better for me

This was always an issue that had been bothering me and not knowing mogenerator was capable of this, now I’m delighted to find out that in the CoreData editor, you can tell mogenerator what data type to generate when declaring transformable data types.

See here.

AND, just in case it helps, so long as you are trying to persist a non-standard data type, as long as you support the NSCoding protocol, transformable attributes without any special NSValueTransformer class.

I really have come to like working with CoreData (along with MagicalRecord and mogenerator).  I can’t imagine a project without it now.


And, as of recently, you can also use mogenerator to specify whether it should use a particular scalar type, which now eliminates having to store .genderEnum and then wrap your enum .gender with custom accessors.

Also useful:
Brief Introduction
mogenerator on github


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