Recipe: Enums to Strings and vice versa

(UPDATE: There’s a newer, companion post to this: HERE )

I’ve been finding it annoying sometimes when I have enums but then am debugging something and of course in the console, it’s not very human readable when it says something like:

Log> <MyObject: 0x234b3a> id: 23 type: 4

What is type 4?? Exactly. So let’s get something more readable in there: Here’s how you can easily get between the two:

// In your .h file, outside of an @interface declaration

typedef enum : NSInteger {
  MoodUnknown = -1,
  MoodDefault = 0,

extern NSString * const MoodTypes[];

// conversion methods
extern NSString* NSStringFromMood(Mood m);
extern Mood MoodFromNSString(NSString *key);

Now then…

// in your .m file, outside (above) your @implmentation
NSString * const MoodTypes[] = {

// UPDATE: why this?  Because if you have more than one of these arrays defined, using sizeof(MoodTypes) won't be correct.
static NSInteger const MoodTypesCount = 5;  

NSString* NSStringFromMood(Mood m)
  // in case you define an unknown mood as -1
  if(m < 0)
    return @"MoodUnknown";

  return MoodTypes[m];

Mood MoodFromNSString(NSString *key)
  if ([key isEqualToString:@"MoodUnknown"]) {
        return MoodUnknown;

    for (int i = 0; i < MoodTypesCount - 1; i++) {
        if ([(NSString*)MoodTypes[i] isEqualToString: key]) {
            return (Mood)i;
    return MoodUnknown;

Then in your code, you’d have something like:

NSLog(@"Printing Object of Type: %@", NSStringFromMood(object.mood));

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