Taking the pain out of CoreData

So far, if I have to make an App that uses CoreData, I will without question be using mogenerator and MagicalRecord.

Here are some links for mogenerator:


And then for MagicalRecord:




They’re worth reading and checking out. CoreData does not seem like such a pain anymore.

Just remember:
* One NSManagedObjectContext per thread. So, if you are doing asynchronous work, save your context to the store on that other thread, then in your main thread callback, make sure you’ve passed an array of objectId’s (NSNumbers) so you can fetch those objects on the main thread.

I’m assuming you’re using CoreData for fairly simple purposes in mobile apps. Not really talking about editing apps with undo managers, etc. Just basic persistence and fetching and so on.


One thought on “Taking the pain out of CoreData

  1. I used magical record for our (highly concurrent) Spacedeck app – works like a charm! If you work on multi threaded core data apps, MR is the lib you want to use.

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