Recipe: a Podfile with different Pods per target

So, say you want to have specific pods for unit testing. You wouldn’t want to include those in your main target, now would you?? Of course not! So, here’s a quick recipe so you can see how you would set that up in your Podfile.

Also assuming you checked the box ‘Include Unit Tests’ when you set up your Xcode project. Otherwise, see here

If the name of your app Target is MyGreatApp and your unit testing target is: MyGreatAppTests

platform :ios, "5.0"  #or whichever you need to support.  Your deployment target

pod "DCIntrospect"  # most awesome tool
pod "AFNetworking", "~>1.3.2"  # a standard lib iOS apps
pod "SSZipArchive"  # zipping/unzipping anyone?
pod "MD5Digest"   # don't let your filepaths be corrupted by newlines and spaces again.  
pod "MGImageUtilities"  #don't cache images for UIImageViews with fixed frames using a UIViewContentModeScaleAspectFi... resize and cache those

target :test, :exclusive => true do
    link_with 'MyGreatAppTests' #i.e. the test target name in your project
    pod 'OCMock', '~> 2.1.1'  #OCMock.  Great helper
    pod 'Expecta', '~> 0.2.1'  #nice syntax.  you can write readable pass conditions.


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