Cocos2D and UIKit working together

I have been refactoring BocceBeers lately, and as a fan of tools such as Interface Builder, I didn’t have the time to really learn the ins and outs of CocosBuilder, and I already had working gameplay code, so I wouldn’t really need to rebuild the game in CocosBuilder because that would be a make-work project.

What I did need to do is make User Interfaces for the iPad version of the game that I am making.  So I thought, now that I’m an experienced App Developer, can I not just use UIKit and make NIB files?

The answer is yes.  I decided to go about making a general solution (demo project) for any of  you seeking to use UIKit for menu systems, but then leverage the power of Cocos2D for your gameplay.

I also created an asynchronous scene loading class which you can check out as well.

Please check out the demo project on github here.


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