Chipmunk Physics Library

Of course this post isn’t for everyone, but if you ever are in need of a physics engine in your game (or app for that matter), I can’t be more thrilled with the Chipmunk Physics Library, written by Scott Lembcke, over at Howling Moon Software.

It’s a 2D Physics Simulator, which I originally used years ago on BocceBeers, and with this latest upgrade, am using again.  The most important thing I find with 3rd party libraries (beyond doing what they say they can do), is documentation, examples (there are PLENTY), and support.

I have no idea how the author of this lib has the time to develop, market, and support his library, but whenever I post anything to the forums, he’s got it answered within 24 hours.  Every time.  It’s so amazing to not have to get stuck on a problem and wait for the developer to get back to you.   (Ever had a problem with Twitter on iOS… man…)

Anyway, go check it out for yourself.  There are some pretty videos.  🙂



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