iOS Architectural Questions – App Design Phase

After having worked at a startup where we “move fast and break stuff”, sometimes the quickly evolving app has resulted in an app architecture that has become difficult to work with at times.  There were a few things that – in hindsight – could or should have been asked at the beginning of a project.

Startups are constantly in danger of cowboy programming – code first, ask design questions later.

So I thought I’d just write down my thoughts for later reference.  Things to ask / keep in mind *at the beginning*

– for iPhone, iPad, or both?  Universal or different targets?

– Auto-rotation required?

– Fat client or thin client (i.e. create the illusion of success?  or mostly GET requests with occasional PUT/POST that can be waited for completion? )

– Do we need Tutorial / Help screen functionality by View Controller ?

– Modal View Controllers or another variation of this – Popup Controllers?  (Think Toast’s popup controller, or ASDepthModal on github)

– Table Cells – always plan and tell designer to create selected states

– Custom fonts throughout ?  (think FontReplacer tool)

– Think about Open Source replacements (WCAlertView, ASDepthModal, RNBlurModalView,etc)

– Logging – think about abstracting this out and therefore not typing NSLog everywhere  (At least DLog(…) ALog(…)  )

– Beta Distribution – Xcode schemes, multiple targets, TestFlight/Hockey


For any readers out there, this was really for me, but it’s not like it’s a deeply personal diary, so if you get any use out of this, great!


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