Facebook iOS SDK “issues” silent fail upon return from SSO

This is for my own recordkeeping, but perhaps you might have had a similar issue.

For some reason, we have 2 apps running the same code.  We wanted a clear separation between what’s our production version and what’s our development version.  So we have bundle identifiers that are

com.mycompanyname.ourapp  and


One thing to remember when doing this is that in the .plist of these 2 apps you need to ensure that they don’t share the same URL Schemes for facebook i.e. fbMYFACEBOOKAPPID, otherwise iOS will get confused because 2 apps can respond to those URL schemes.  So, either ensure that both info.plist files have unique schemes, or you can use the API in the FB iOS SDK to define URL Schemes with suffixes.  

More info here

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